Month: March 2021

Biden Infrastructure Plan Targets Electric Cars, Clean Power

(Bloomberg) — President Joe Biden is calling for sweeping investment in electric vehicles, renewable power and the electric grid as part of a broad blueprint to bolster the U.S. economy while combating climate change.

The president’s plans, part of a $2.25 trillion infrastructure and stimulus blueprint he is set to unveil in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, are meant to catalyze investments in a clean energy economy and encourage low-emission technology necessary to constrain global warming.

Biden’s initiative would give a 10-year extension to tax credits that have been a boon to wind, solar and other renewable energy projects. His plan, which

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Coded Bias review: Eye-opening Netflix doc faces racist technology


Scientist and campaigner Joy Buolamwini faces the consequences of racially biased algorithms.

7th Empire Media

When exactly did computers start making decisions about our health care, our jobs, our access to opportunities, even whether we can walk down the street without being arrested? Insightful documentary Coded Bias, streaming on Netflix from April 5, chillingly reveals how much power technology already holds over us. But it also introduces a generation of campaigners fighting this overreaching tech that’s shaped by our worst human failings.  

The story begins with Joy Buolamwini. We meet this infectiously curious Canada-born and Mississippi-raised computer scientist sporting

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Sharekhan maintains Buy rating with a price target of Rs 3100

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L&T Technology Services’ management is confident of delivering strong revenue growth going ahead, given rising spends on digital engineering, prudent client mining strategy, broader vertical mix, internal change in portfolio mix, aggressive strategy to participate in customers’ cost take-out initiatives, and increased outsourcing activities. L&T Technology Services has been strengthening its capabilities in digital technologies across all its verticals to capture the opportunities. Sharekhan maintains Buy rating on L&T Technology Services with a price target of Rs 3100. L&T Technology share price closed at Rs 2548, up Rs 56 or 2.25% in last session.


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U.S. must rebuild its technology infrastructure

The Biden administration has made rejuvenating the American economy a top priority, focusing on creating industrial jobs. Strengthening our technology manufacturing capability must be part of that effort.

The ubiquity of brands such as Huawei and platforms like TikTok have revealed one of our nation’s biggest weaknesses and vulnerabilities: We no longer manufacture much of the technology powering our daily lives.

Whether an investment banker, a small business owner, or a soldier, the devices used to power today’s businesses are generally made overseas. Some manufacturing nations are allies. Some aren’t. Either way, the United States faces grave danger in losing

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Huawei files patent CN112564295A, to work on wireless charging technology: Report

a large building: Huawei files patent CN112564295A, to work on wireless charging technology: Report

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Huawei files patent CN112564295A, to work on wireless charging technology: Report

Shenzhen headquartered Huawei has filed a patent for a wireless charging system for long-ranged transmission capabilities.

According to an ITHome report, the patent with a publication number CN112564295A describes a wireless charging technology that belongs to the field of wireless charging technology.

This wireless charging technology requires two coils to be placed directly opposite each other, with the distance between the two being very close to transmit power.

With this patent, Huawei can increase the charging distance, which is especially suitable for personal wear

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