Month: February 2021

Tech pessimism founded on ‘real concerns’

Mike Schroepfer

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Facebook’s Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer believes the pessimism surrounding technology in the world today is “founded on real concerns of the negative impacts of technology.”

In an interview on Tuesday with the president of the Oxford Union, the Oxford University debating society, Schroepfer said that in some cases “we haven’t really always done the homework upfront” and thought about what a “bad actor” might do with a particular product before releasing it.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNBC on Wednesday that he was talking about the tech industry as a whole as opposed to Facebook specifically.

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DevOps and agile for all: technology professionals need to lead the way in the post-Covid era ahead

DevOps and agile methodologies certainly have shifted the priorities and practices of technology teams. Now, as organizations prepare for the post-Covid boom in activity ahead, these efforts will need to be at the forefront of cultural change and engaging customers. DevOps and agile need to break out of the IT department and become everyone’s best practices. The role of IT professionals and managers in the year ahead will be to apply their learnings and educate and demonstrate the power of these philosophies to the rest of the enterprise.


Photo: Joe McKendrick

There’s no question that DevOps and agile are everywhere

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How Technology Platforms Can Help Agencies Succeed

The home care industry is one of the fastest-growing health care sectors in the United States as more and more patients realize the benefits of at-home care. In 2021, this trend is driven mainly by the COVID-19 pandemic and an increasing number of chronic health issues in the population. As home care agencies evolve to meet this growing demand, many are turning to technology to help them outsource functions such as employee management and compliance.

Understanding Home Care

Home care refers to any professional support service that helps patients live safely in their own homes. These agencies aid those facing

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4 Technology ETFs That Deliver Consistent Growth

One benefit of technology ETFs and ETFs more broadly is that they make it fairly easy to obtain steady, consistent growth.

If you pick a high-quality ETF that tracks a rapidly expanding sector your investment will indeed almost definitely grow at a fairly reliable pace. That is, as long as it’s in a sector that is not in the midst of a bubble and U.S. equities don’t undergo any big corrections. As a result, it’s not too difficult to find technology ETFs that will deliver consistent growth.

Cybersecurity, cloud computing, and fintech are all delivering consistent, strong growth. Moreover, the

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A Critic of Technology Turns Her Gaze Inward

In the spring of 1977, when Sherry Turkle was a young professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Steve Jobs came to visit. While he toured the campus and met with her colleagues, Turkle was cleaning her apartment and worrying over the menu for the dinner she had agreed to host.

It took nearly 50 years, when she was writing her memoir, “The Empathy Diaries,” for her to realize how angry that incident made her. She was at the beginning of her career chronicling how technology influences our lives, yet wasn’t asked to join her colleagues as they spent the

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