Month: November 2020

Technology for screening fruit juice could provide rapid COVID screening

Technology for screening fruit juice could provide rapid Covid screening
Dr Mark Platt. Credit: Loughborough University

Loughborough University researchers are hoping a technology they developed to quickly screen liquids for microorganisms can be adapted to provide rapid testing for COVID-19.

The team’s unique device, which uses a technique known as resistive pulse sensing, is being launched as a University spin out for use within the soft drinks industry to test for contaminants.

Now the researchers are investigating its capability to provide both coronavirus pre-screening—with results shown in less than five minutes—and a COVID-19 diagnosis—with results shown in less than 20 minutes—by counting and identifying viral particles in a small saliva

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Trump’s ex-lawyer rebuked by election technology firm over baseless fraud theory

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)

Dominion Voting Systems has issued a firm rebuttal of ex-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell’s baseless claims that the firm interfered in the election to the incumbent’s disadvantage.

The election technology company slammed Ms Powell’s “bizarre election fraud conspiracy” in a statement on Thursday.

Ms Powell, who the White House cut ties with earlier this week, falsely claimed Dominion switched millions of votes to president-elect Joe Biden.

She also baselessly claimed the company has ties to the Clinton Foundation and George Soros, the financier and philanthropist of Jewish descent.

Communists from Venezuela, Cuba and China are all part

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‘Come Play’ Review: A ‘Black Mirror’-esque Story On Technology Presented As A Tense Creature Feature

Come Play, written and directed by Jacob Chase, tells the story of Oliver (Azhy Robertson) who is an autistic kid going through a tough time since his parents are splitting up and he isn’t making any friends at school. Out of the blue, he’s contacted through his mobile device by a creature called Larry that wants to be his friend. But it obviously has sinister plans in its mind. Chase tactfully blends a message about over-dependence on technology with the scares that are synonymous with creature features. And with some great performances, primarily from Robertson, neat editing, and impactful sound

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Pandemic has forced TV and film producers to bring new technology to sets

LOS ANGELES — A week ago Monday, cast and crew of the Amazon series “Goliath” gathered to check in for a day of filming at Santa Clarita Studios.

Despite the pandemic, the fourth season of the show is back in action, thanks in part to technology that helps track COVID-19 testing for hundreds of cast and crew members, including stars such as Billy Bob Thornton.

As people arrived on set, a COVID safety officer scanned color-coded IDs with embedded chips that could be read by portals stationed around the set. The chips would collect and track data on the movements

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Is Fujian Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (BHAT) A Good Stock To Buy?

At Insider Monkey, we pore over the filings of nearly 817 top investment firms every quarter, a process we have now completed for the latest reporting period. The data we’ve gathered as a result gives us access to a wealth of collective knowledge based on these firms’ portfolio holdings as of September 30. In this article, we will use that wealth of knowledge to determine whether or not Fujian Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (NASDAQ:BHAT) makes for a good investment right now.

Fujian Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (NASDAQ:BHAT) investors should pay attention to an increase in enthusiasm from smart

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