Month: June 2020

AT&T Launches 5G in 28 More Markets Using DSS Technology

Yesterday, AT&T Inc. T announced that its 5G network is available to consumers in 28 more markets and covers 179 million people. With this launch, the Dallas, TX-based telecom giant is currently offering access to 5G on its unlimited wireless plans for consumers and businesses in a total of 355 markets across the country. AT&T expects to reach a nationwide 5G coverage this summer.

Consumers in Miami, Jackson, Austin and Salt Lake City, among others, now have access to AT&T’s 5G network. Importantly, the company has deployed Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology in parts of some markets. DSS enables communication

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This is the 19-slide pitch deck two 22-year-olds used to nab $57 million in funding from Silicon Valley

Technology is shattering legacy financial systems that can’t keep pace with market demand — and Brex is at the forefront. It’s one of fintechs buzziest startups, aiming to rebuild B2B financial products starting with corporate cards for technology companies.

Brex co-founders Pedro Franceschi and Henrique Dubugras
Brex co-founders Pedro Franceschi and Henrique Dubugras


The company was quietly launched in 2017 by Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi, two 22-year-old engineers who previously founded, one of Brazil’s largest payment processors.

Brex already has more than 1,000 customers signed up with the help of backing from investors including PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, early Facebook investor

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KBR’s ROSE SDA Technology to Upgrade Uruguay’s Refinery

KBR, Inc. KBR recently announced that its market-leading technology — ROSE solvent de-asphalting (“SDA”) process — has won a strategic upgrade project from ANCAP for Uruguay’s integrated refinery complex.

KBR will offer technology licensing, basic engineering design and proprietary equipment for a 6,000-BPSD ROSE unit that will help ANCAP in operational flexibility. ANCAP will be able to supply higher grade cleaner products in this ever changing market condition, while reducing environmental footprint.

KBR’s Integrated & Innovative IT Solutions Bode Well

KBR has been delivering innovative and reliable process technologies to help refinery and petrochemical plants offer optimum production and lower

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2021 Audi Q5 gets more power, new look, and better technology

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Audi updated the Q5, its best-selling model in the United States, with a redesigned front end, more power, and new available rear lights that use technology television fans will be familiar with. It’s due out later in 2020.

Stylists tweaked the Q5’s front end with a light hand. The idea was to bring it in line with other recent additions to the Audi range, like the second-generation Q3, not to start from scratch and give it a completely new face. Its grille is wider and shorter, its headlights gain new lighting elements, and the air

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Oil major ConocoPhillips deploys low-code tech to boost bottom line

By Julia Payne

LONDON (Reuters) – ConocoPhillips has deployed a low-code platform called Mendix to cut costs and increase efficiency, making it the first major oil and gas producer to use such technology across the company, Mendix said in a statement on Tuesday.

Mendix, owned by German technology firm Siemens, allows companies to create in-house systems without hiring outside developers as minimal or no coding knowledge is required.

“It can be used by a rig manager in the middle of the ocean to someone in HR,” Jon Scolamiero, Mendix’s manager of architecture and governance of product marketing, said.

Low-code platforms

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