Month: May 2020

Explainer: What’s in the law protecting internet companies

By Jonathan Weber and Elizabeth Culliford

(Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to order a review of a federal law known as Section 230, which protects internet companies like Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet’s Google from being responsible for the material posted by users.


The core purpose of Section 230 is to protect the owners of any “interactive computer service” from liability for anything posted by third parties. The idea was that such protection was necessary to encourage the emergence of new types of communications and services at the dawn of the Internet era.


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Take up to 63% off at Best Buy

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Image: microsoft

Remember when the most annoying thing about your workplace was a loud-typing coworker two cubicles down? Ah, simpler times.

From bored kids and stir-crazy pets to chatty roommates and clanging construction sites, anyone who’s fortunate enough to still be working, and doing so from home, is probably dealing with myriad distractions. Trying to focus and get shit done amid a global pandemic is hard

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How Novavax is pulling out all the stops to produce a coronavirus vaccine by next year

Novavax (NVAX), the latest company to enter the increasingly crowded field to produce a coronavirus vaccine, is juggling multiple pieces in order to meet an aggressive development timeline, CEO Stanley Erck explained to Yahoo Finance on Thursday.

This week, the biotech company entered into clinical trials in Australia, making it one of a dozen companies to do so out of more than 100 existing vaccine candidates. Like other drug candidates, Novavax’s experimental treatment is being produced at risk in order to meet unprecedented demand, with the COVID-19 crisis sickening nearly 6 million worldwide, and killing over 350,000.

Experts say the

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Google Maps makes it easier to share your location with Plus Codes — no address required

When you need to give someone your location, you usually point them to an address. Here in NYC, you often point them to an intersection instead. But sometimes an address is just difficult to find — or you don’t have one at all.

For those purposes, Google introduced Plus codes five years ago, allowing you to share your location in a short alphanumerical format, whether you simply can’t find an address or are in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem they were actually used all that much, so now Google is making it easier to share the Plus

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Susan Lucci, AARP Take on the COVID-19 Nursing Home Crisis

If you thought soap legend Susan Lucci was one tough cookie, you should meet her mother. Jeanette Lucci is 103 years old, a former OR nurse who doted on her daughter, lived through World War II, and is still kicking in an assisted living facility in Florida. While Lucci lives in New York, she and her mother have had access to remote visitations so that Lucci can check in on her mother amid a pandemic that’s most greatly affecting the elderly. “I know that my mother is in good hands,” Lucci says. “And I’m able to call my mother numerous

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